List of 5 Ways to Sell Your Home for More Money Quickly – FSBO or by Agent

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Heres our list of

5 things you can do to Sell a Home in Austin fast for more money.


Below are a list of things we think are uber important in selling your home. Want to just avoid the whole hassle and let us do all the work? Read no further just click here.


Decided to brave the wild west of modern real-estate without our help, you’re a brave soul. Blessing on your journey. Here is our list of 5 things everyone can do to make sure their home is ready to sell for more money as fast as possible.


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#5 Move in Ready

Move in Ready. Making your home move in ready is a big step if you want to sell a home in Austin without delay. This includes simple repairs and decluttering of the home. Fixing simple repairs now will increase the homes value and improve your chance of a faster sale. Cleaning and decluttering your space is a great way to improve the perception of ample space inside the home as well increase its aesthetics. Our brains can only process a good or bad stimulus to something , not both at once. Don’t let a bad smell or a pile of clutter turn away your potential buyers. Once someone decides “No” its much harder to change that to a “Yes”. Don’t let simple things like repairs and clutter take away from your homes sale potential.





#4 Don’t Take it Personally

Don’t take it personally. Selling your home is a very emotional process. Often its best to use a Realtor to help you separate out the business and the emotion of selling and buying homes. Perhaps you’re as cool as a cucumber until a potential buyer says or does something so insulting you lash out in a slur of animal grunts and large posturing movements while turning the hose on them. Using a Realtor is a great way to keep a little distance between you and your potential buyers. Even when we are using a realtor we can have moments that challenge us to keep our cool. Remember, don’t take it personally. Its going to be okay! Remember a Real Estate Agent is there to negotiate on your behalf.




#3 Specialized Marketing

Just listing your property and hoping for it to sell isn’t the worst plan. Marketing your listing to potential buyers looking for your exact listing is infinitely better. From the first photo to the last word of your description the your home needs to shine in everyday. Enticing buyers with the right marketing and mean the difference between multiple offers and none. Find out more about Front Porch Realty’s specialized Marketing for your listing today by contacting us.




#2  The Right Price

The Right Price. Listing your home at the right price is essential if you want to sell your home in Austin. Do you know how to find the right price for your home? You can ask your Uncle and your Neighbor and combine it with your dream price and  . . Nope. The only way to get a current market value of your house is to ask a professional. Using a real estate professional allows you to get the most information about the current market conditions and market comps of recent homes nearby. This information is very valuable to the home analysis process. Let our team at Front Porch Realty do a free current market analysis of your homes value today at no cost with no obligations.



#1 Use a Real Estate Professional

Use a Real Estate Professional from Front Porch Realty. You can see the benefits of using a Realtor for their business and market knowledge, for highlighting your specific needs through business negotiations to closing procedures. It’s no wonder homes sold with a Front Porch Realty Agents sell faster and for more money. Our team of realtors have special tools available to them for marketing your home, finding your homes unique buyers and providing you with any assistance you need. Selling your home on your own is a risky business. Recent studies show homes sold without a real estate professional remain on the market longer and end up selling for a lower asking price than those with a Realtor. Aside from all the mentioned above benefits of using a trusted Front Porch Realty Agent we also offer free photography and videography of your listing, your home is listed on all major realty syndicated sites, plus, your listing will be featured in our featured listings on .


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