Austin Luxury Real Estate For Sale

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Austin Luxury Real Estate For Sale 


Austin Homes Downtown


Where and when can I see the home designs?

All floor plans, home designs and more accurate pricing information are available through each builder. More information can also be found in the Homes Section of this Web site.

What are the price ranges?

Homes are priced from the low to mid $100,000’s for income-qualified homebuyers through the $1,000,000’s, depending on the builder and availability. At least 25% of all planned housing (for-rent and for-sale) will be affordable to buyers who income qualify according to the guidelines of the City of Austin.




Open Space, Parks and Recreation

Will the parks within the community be open to the public?

Austin Luxury Real Estate’s parks will be open to the public. The community is designed with parks around its perimeter, allowing easy public access without interference with neighborhood activities.

What other opportunities for recreation are included in the community plan?

In addition to the parks and bike trails, each neighborhood within Austin Luxury Real Estate will have a neighborhood park and/or an amenity center. This could include waterscapes such as swimming pools, pool houses, splash pools or other water play features.

How much of Austin Luxury Real Estate is dedicated to parks and open space?

Approximately 20 percent or 140 acres of the Austin Luxury Real Estate community is dedicated to parks and open space. These spaces include approximately 5 miles of bicycling/pedestrian trails.



What kinds of businesses will be located at Austin Luxury Real Estate?

Current businesses in Austin Luxury Real Estate retail center can be found on the Regional Retail page. The future town center will include a lively mix of destination and neighborhood businesses, including restaurants, entertainment, shops and services, Austin Luxury Real Estate’s live-work shop houses will also be home to many small businesses with their owners living above their shops. Mixed-use residential buildings at Austin Luxury Real Estate will feature ground-floor office and retail. Austin Luxury Real Estate is a major employment center for Austin, with more than 4 million square feet of office and commercial space. See the Businesses at Mueller page for tenants.

What utilities serve Austin Luxury Real Estate?

Most utilities in Austin, including electricity, water, and sanitation, are provided by the City of Austin. Texas Gas Service is the local natural gas provider. Telecommunications providers include AT&T(, Grande Communications and Time Warner Cable, Austin Luxury Real Estate’s preferred telecom provider.

Where will the energy for Austin Luxury Real Estate come from?

Austin Energy – – is Austin’s publicly owned utility.

Where are the nearest medical services?

Austin Luxury Real Estate is home to Dell Children’s Medical Center of Central Texas, Neighbors Emergency Clinic, Strictly Pediatrics Surgery Center, and a wide range of  medical offices.  Other nearby medical facilities include St. David’s Hospital and University Medical Center Brackenridge.

What retail will be available to the community?

Austin Luxury Real Estate includes a lively retail component, with both national chains and locally-owned businesses serving the community. Retail clusters at Austin Luxury Real Estate include the regional retail center at I-35 and 51st Street, the future Austin Luxury Real Estate Town Center and other neighborhood businesses throughout the development.

Where is the nearest grocery store?

The H-E-B at Austin Luxury Real Estate is located in the Austin Luxury Real Estate Market District off of E. 51st. and features a fresh food market, cafe and pharmacy. In 2015, it recieved LEED Gold and Austin Energy 4 Star Rating Certifications and it 2016, it was selected as one of the Top Ten Projects of the Year by the American Institure of Architects. Other nearby grocery store options include, another H-E-B location in the Hancock Shopping Center on I-35 and 41st Street and a  Fiesta Mart in the Delwood Shopping Center at I-35 and 38th Street..

What public transit serves the community?

Bus routes are in place throughout Austin including Austin Luxury Real Estate. The community will also be linked to the future commuter rail station at Martin Luther King and Airport Blvd. Austin Luxury Real Estate’s infrastructure is designed with the ability to adapt to new modes of public transit, such as rail or rapid bus with little to no construction and limited costs.


Green Development

What measures are being taken to offset the “urban heat island” effect?

Several measures will be taken to reduce the “urban heat island” effect. We are working to compact the building footprint, minimize parking, stack buildings over parking, and maximize pervious walkways, drives, etc. We will plant over 15,000 trees to shade structures and pavement and may possibly use green roofs. We are also using porous and pervious trails, light colored paving materials and heat efficient roofs. You can read more about these measures and their effects in the Mueller Green Resources Guide.

What measure will be taken during construction to protect the environment and conserve resources?

Conservation has been an important part of all decisions regarding Austin Luxury Real Estate. Catellus has recycled the concrete from miles of runways, saved 500 pecan trees to transplant into the development and relocated two 60-year-old oak trees from the future town center to the Lake Park entrance to the community.

Will all the buildings (residential and commercial) at Austin Luxury Real Estate include green design?

Every single Austin Luxury Real Estate building, both residential, retail and commercial will meet standards for green building established by the Austin Energy Green Building Program and the U.S. Green Building Council’s LEED certification.

Is Austin Luxury Real Estate designed in accordance with “new urbanist” principles?

Austin Luxury Real Estate’s walkable, pedestrian-friendly land plan and mixed-use development pattern follow “new urbanist” principles. Transportation options include auto, bicycle and pedestrian connectivity with bus and future rail transit. More dense development allows for 20 percent of Austin Luxury Real Estate’s 711 acres to be dedicated parks and open space. More info can be found in the Design Guidelines.



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