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Investing in Austin Texas Real Estate 

April 13, 2017 Posted by: FPA Realty Team

Austin Texas Real Estate Investments for Your Future   REAL ESTATE INVESTING IN AUSTIN TX – THE FAQs Q: What does Front Porch Realty do as agents for investor buyers? A: We help financially qualified individuals identify and acquire residential homes.   Q: Do you focus on and recommend certain areas in and around Austin? A: Yes. […]

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Save Your Credit and Sell Your Home to Avoid Foreclosure

March 11, 2017 Posted by: FPA Realty Team

Why you should sell your home before foreclosure and save your credit Here’s why you should sell your home before foreclose and save your credit. Nothing can be worse than losing your home. Other than losing your home and ruining your credit. Fortunately for you there may be a light at the end of this […]

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Average home price in Austin area hit a new high

February 7, 2017 Posted by: FPA Realty Team

The average home price in Austin area hit a new high today   As more people move to Austin, Tx, home prices keep going up. A new report shows homes are more expensive now than before this time last year. Why is the average home price in Austin still on the rise?   According to […]

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Austin Area Housing Market Still Heating Up

February 3, 2017 Posted by: FPA Realty Team

    Austin Area Housing Market Shows No Signs of Slowing Down     The Austin area housing market is already hit yet its still heating up. Austin’s housing market is on the rise and shows no signs of slowing down soon. The city of Austin and the surrounding areas have been experiencing continual growth without […]

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4 Amazing Facts About The Austin Real Estate Market

January 19, 2017 Posted by: FPA Realty Team

Unless you are completely new to Austin you probably have a good idea of how many people are moving to town everyday. Its a popular destination because the average cost of a single or family residence is still far below that of other similar progressive metropolitan areas. Here’s an update in a fun info graphic. […]

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Austin Real Estate after Brexit; SAVE CASH

July 24, 2016 Posted by: FPA Realty Team

Austin Real Estate After Brexit What Home Owners Need to know about Austin Real Estate after Brexit. Brexit may have been the big event overseas this year but how does this effect you as a home owner, or a home shopper, and the Real Estate market here in the USA?  What is Brexit?  on Jun […]

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Austin MLS Search

March 24, 2016 Posted by: FPA Realty Team

Austin MLS Search Austin MLS Search Austin MLS Search for homes in Austin on any Device Austin MLS Search for homes on any device. The interactive map lets you search homes for sale near you, or use the advanced search feature to find something special. Find the home of your dreams with a few easy clicks. We have current […]

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What To Do to Sell Your House

October 2, 2013 Posted by: FPA Realty Team

Considering Selling Your Home? This is What To DO to Sell Your House       Considering Selling? Reach out to me for updated market info! Free Market Valuation, What Now?       Want Front Porch Realty Sell a Home for you? We would love to help you get the most out of your transaction. The […]

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Modern Living in Downtown Austin

Posted by: FPA Realty Team

Modern Real Estate Modern Downtown Austin Real Estate investments or Modern Living solutions are both available to you only a simple click away.  Let me help you make the best decision. Downtown Austin East Austin is one of the more popular areas with modern real estate developments being built this year and with its close proximity to downtown […]

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Why You Should Buy Before the Summer Ends

Posted by: FPA Realty Team

    Sell A Home   Buy A Home  We all know the summer is a nice time to relax and take a load off. Unless your thinking of buying a home this year, then the summer is the time to move quickly. Let us tell you our 3 reasons why you should buy before the summer […]

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