Austin Real Estate after Brexit; SAVE CASH

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Austin Real Estate After Brexit

What Home Owners Need to know about Austin Real Estate after Brexit.

Brexit may have been the big event overseas this year but how does this effect you as a home owner, or a home shopper, and the Real Estate market here in the USA?  What is Brexit?  on Jun 23rd 2016 the United Kingdom decided to leave the European Union.


Britain Exit  :  Brexit


For certain there were effects on the global economy from the United Kingdom leaving the European Union that we have not even begun to see yet. Although , I wouldn’t go screaming the sky is falling quite yet.


One of the most obvious and important impacts on the United States is how it will affect our interest rates and home mortgages. Austin real estate after Brexit is going to be hot, and very fast moving. This will not only bring out more buyers, but also bring in more investors looking for a more stable home market to invest in. Austin is already in a housing crisis with a six month deficit on homes. This will only exacerbate the housing situation further and make looking for your next home that much harder. Owning your first home has never been more affordable. Lower interest rates mean you spend less on that home loan for years to come. But finding that home could prove to be a challenge.

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Front Porch Realty Austin is here to help you understand Austin real estate after Brexit. This doesn’t mean that if you didn’t qualify for a home loan you will now magically get approved, but it does mean that if you are already approved, moving forward now might get you a lower interest rate. A lower rate then you would have before Brexit. The Austin real estate opportunities after Brexit don’t just extend to home owners or those looking for homes for sale in Austin, Tx. Those who have a home and have been thinking of refinancing should also consider taking advantage of these changes in the market.

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