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What Do Millennials Want in a Home? Austin Real-Estate

November 30, 2017 Posted by: Badmin

What are Millennial home buyer characteristics is what this survey asked over 1000 millennials This is an important question looking at the future of real-estate. Since the real estate sector becomes more focused on millennials, the market is keying in on an important question: what do millennials want in a home? Its safe to say […]

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Real Estate in Austin looking into 2018

October 23, 2017 Posted by: Front Porch Realty

Experts expect strong finish in 2017 and increased demand in 2018 for the Austin-Area Housing Market Looking at Real Estate in Austin from both active listings and monthly housing inventory, you see a significant gain throughout the five-county area in 2017, which could indicate strong home sales in the months to come. Active listings jumped 16.9 percent […]

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List of 8 Historic Homes for Sale in Central Texas

August 7, 2017 Posted by: Front Porch Realty

8 Amazing Historic Homes You Can Buy in Central Texas If you love old historic homes as much as we do then be sure to check out and share our list. We Found 8 Historic Homes you can buy in central Texas that we absolutely loved so we had to share them with you. With […]

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How a local UT Grad is disrupting the Real Estate Industry

May 24, 2017 Posted by: Front Porch Realty

Recent study indicates that people are being neglected by their Realtor   Are you aware that you could be receiving helpful simple Realtor services using this local company. In addition, if you are currently working with a Realtor and are not feeling entirely satisfactory with their service you may need to call us. For a long […]

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Investing in Austin Texas Real Estate 

April 13, 2017 Posted by: FPA Realty Team

Austin Texas Real Estate Investments for Your Future   REAL ESTATE INVESTING IN AUSTIN TX – THE FAQs Q: What does Front Porch Realty do as agents for investor buyers? A: We help financially qualified individuals identify and acquire residential homes. Q: Do you focus on and recommend certain areas in and around Austin? A: Yes. We […]

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Save Your Credit and Sell Your Home to Avoid Foreclosure

March 11, 2017 Posted by: FPA Realty Team

Why you should sell your home before foreclosure and save your credit Here’s why you should sell your home before foreclose and save your credit. Nothing can be worse than losing your home. Other than losing your home and ruining your credit. Fortunately for you there may be a light at the end of this […]

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Average Austin Home Price Rises to Hit New Area High

February 7, 2017 Posted by: FPA Realty Team

The Average Home Price in the Austin Area Hit a New High Today   As more people move to Austin, Tx, home prices keep going up. A new report shows homes are more expensive now than before this time last year. Why is the average home price in Austin still on the rise?   According […]

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Austin Area Housing Market Still Heating Up

February 3, 2017 Posted by: FPA Realty Team

    Austin Area Housing Market Shows No Signs of Slowing Down     The Austin area housing market is already hit yet its still heating up. Austin’s housing market is on the rise and shows no signs of slowing down soon. The city of Austin and the surrounding areas have been experiencing continual growth without […]

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4 Amazing Facts About The Austin Real Estate Market

January 19, 2017 Posted by: FPA Realty Team

Unless you are completely new to Austin you probably have a good idea of how many people are moving to town everyday. Its a popular destination because the average cost of a single or family residence is still far below that of other similar progressive metropolitan areas. Here’s an update in a fun info graphic. […]

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5 Dirt Cheap Places to Buy a Home in America

November 21, 2016 Posted by: FPA Realty Team

Where you can find 5 Dirt Cheap Places to Buy a Home.       In this article we look at 5 places you can buy a home for pennies on the dollar in the United States. Finding homes priced this low is a rare opportunity. Take a look at these 5 places where you can still get […]

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