Why to Buy Your New Home Before the Summer Ends

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Let us tell you our 3 reasons why you should buy your new home before the summer ends.

We all know the summer is a nice time to relax and take a load off. Unless your thinking of buying a home this year, then the summer is the time to move quickly.



Why You Should Buy Your New Home Before The Summer Ends!




Reason 1  : Mortgage Rates Are At an All Time Low

Buying now secures you into a lower mortgage rate. We know the rates dropped because of Brexit but that doesn’t mean they will stay this low. Most likely they will begin to rise again soon. This is just saving you money so its a no brainer. If you are even considering buying a home this year, buy now. This is why this is reason #1 as to why YOU should buy before the summer ends.



Reason 2 : Housing Availability Will Change

The summer will end. When it does the market will change and the availability of homes for you to purchase or lease will become scarce. You have a chance now to catch some last minute deals before they disappear. With Austin being a sellers market its hard to find the right home and make a decision to go all in before another eager buyer swoops in and takes your dream home. Homes are moving fast but it isn’t going to slow down to get any easier with the up coming months. There will just be less available to choose from. This is why housing availability is reason #2 Why You Should Buy Before the Summer Ends.



Reason 3 : Prices Keep Rising


Everyone has an opinion about the future of the market and about the down or up turn that lies ahead. The only reality is that prices keep going up and they don’t look like they are dropping anytime soon. Local Market Analyst show that the housing market for luxury homes is softening but the market for homes under 1,000,000 is still hot. Homes under 400k are moving especially fast. This is why prices continually rising is reason #3 for Why You Should Buy Before the Summer Ends.



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